Ingenium Studio


We understand that complex marketing circumstances require unique and holistic solutions. That is why we offer a variety of services to support your business.
Digital Marketing

We specialise in digital marketing and its integral components, like social media management, which we offer as a monthly maintenance strategy. Your business can reach new heights in our ever-growing digital world by utilising optimal digital marketing strategies. We integrate Google Ads, Google My Business and various social media platforms.


The bells and whistles associated with marketing and business, the exterior image you portray as an entity to your clientele, is an important aspect of the entire package. The goal is to create a brand image that will continuously live within the consumer’s mind. We offer you this service as our branding package, which can range from logo design to letterheads and business cards.


A business should evolve over time, not only in a financial sense, but in a creative one too. This includes communicating with your consumer base in a fresh and effective manner. By expanding your communication repertoire in interesting ways, you are able to grab the attention of both new and established clientele. We offer catered content writing services and content creation through our in-house content writer, allowing you to say exactly what needs to be said in the best ways possible.


As human beings we are attracted to visuals. Striking visuals will often drive some of our purchases or decisions and can often persuade us to choose one business over another. As one of the integral aspects of branding and marketing, catered and professional photographic and videography services are essential. We provide photographic services through our in-house photographer and videography services which include drone footage and services.

Meet The Team

Reinier Stopforth
Creative Director

A complete creative obsessive, Reinier manages day-to-day tasks like a distinguished captain manages a vessel. He strikes with precision and knows exactly when a colour looks a little bit too “off”. You can trust him with anything from budgets, to billboards and banners.

Peet Nel
Marketing Project Coordinator

Peet is a compendium of pop culture knowledge and can use his uniquely niche talents to create something spectacular out of nearly nothing. Able to bring a bright spark into any marketing task, he thrives off a challenge.

AJ Kruger
Senior Graphic Designer

An industry veteran, AJ wears many feathers in his hat. From working in print to designing some magnificent posters, AJ excels at making things pop! Armed with his design kit and creative flare, he can turn something ordinary into something incredible – without breaking a sweat.

Elzette Kotze
Content Writer

From the written word to the visual translation, Elzette’s creativity bursts out in written and visual language. With camera in hand and pen in her hat, she can write up a storm or capture a magical moment – all within a flash.

Joalize Nieuwoudt
Graphic Designer

Dubbed ‘The Fastest Designer this Side of the Equator’, Joalize excels at making anything please the eye, even if it takes some building and manipulating. The swift clicks of her mouse and her keen eye can transform any artwork into a masterpiece.

Jenny Venter
Admin Clerk

It takes quite a lot to wrangle a group of creatives and every dynamic design studio needs its own rancher. Ours is Jenny, the sober mind amongst us all, sifting through the paperwork and keeping the ship afloat. Her attention to detail and focus leaves no piece of paperwork behind.